TextSetter 4.1.0

Since 4.1.0 it is possible to control how text is applied to a TextView. This is done via Markwon.TextSetter interface.

final Markwon markwon = Markwon.builder(context)
public interface TextSetter {
     * @param textView   TextView
     * @param markdown   prepared markdown
     * @param bufferType BufferType specified when building {@link Markwon} instance
     *                   via {@link Builder#bufferType(TextView.BufferType)}
     * @param onComplete action to run when set-text is finished (required to call in order
     *                   to execute {@link MarkwonPlugin#afterSetText(TextView)})
    void setText(
            @NonNull TextView textView,
            @NonNull Spanned markdown,
            @NonNull TextView.BufferType bufferType,
            @NonNull Runnable onComplete);

Primary target for this functionality is to use PrecomputedText and PrecomputedTextCompat. Markwon comes with PrecomputedTextSetterCompat implementation.


Please note that PrecomputedTextCompat belongs to the androidx.core:core artifact. Make sure that you have it in your project's dependencies (explicitly or implicitly)

Last Updated: 8/6/2019, 7:27:20 PM