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Markwon is a markdown library for Android. It parses markdown following commonmark spec with the help of amazing commonmark-java library and renders result as Android-native Spannables. No HTML is involved as an intermediate step. No WebView is required. It's extremely fast, feature-rich and extensible.

It gives ability to display markdown in all TextView widgets (TextView, Button, Switch, CheckBox, etc), Toasts and all other places that accept Spanned content. Library provides reasonable defaults to display style of a markdown content but also gives all the means to tweak the appearance if desired. All markdown features listed in commonmark spec are supported (including support for inlined/block HTML code, markdown tables, images and syntax highlight).

Since version 4.2.0 Markwon comes with an editor to highlight markdown input as user types (for example in EditText).

Supported markdown features

  • Emphasis (*, _)
  • Strong emphasis (**, __)
  • Headers (#{1,6})
  • Links ([]() && [][])
  • Images
  • Thematic break (---, ***, ___)
  • Quotes & nested quotes (>{1,})
  • Ordered & non-ordered lists & nested ones
  • Inline code
  • Code blocks
  • Strike-through (~~)
  • Tables (with limitations)
  • Syntax highlight
  • LaTeX formulas
  • HTML
    • Emphasis (<i>, <em>, <cite>, <dfn>)
    • Strong emphasis (<b>, <strong>)
    • SuperScript (<sup>)
    • SubScript (<sub>)
    • Underline (<u>, ins)
    • Strike-through (<s>, <strike>, <del>)
    • Link (a)
    • Lists (ul, ol)
    • Images (img will require configured image loader)
    • Blockquote (blockquote)
    • Heading (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6)
    • there is support to render any HTML/XML tag, but it will require to create a special TagHandler, more information can be found in HTML section
  • Task lists:
    • Not done
    • Done with X
    • and or small x


screenshot light #1 screenshot light #2 screenshot light #3 screenshot dark #2

By default configuration uses TextView textColor for styling, so changing textColor changes style

# Awesome Markwon

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