Dimitry Ivanov

@since tag to Android source distribution


Some time ago I come up with simple enhancement for the Android source code that is distributed via SDK Manager: adding the @since javadoc tag to the public API.

Just imagine:

* Sets a rectangular area on this view to which the view will be clipped
* when it is drawn. Setting the value to null will remove the clip bounds
* and the view will draw normally, using its full bounds.
* @param clipBounds The rectangular area, in the local coordinates of
* this view, to which future drawing operations will be clipped.

* @since 4.3 (18)
public void setClipBounds(Rect clipBounds) {

Issue on the bug tracker.

I think that adding this tag is beneficial for the overall experience when developing Android applications:

  • truly offline
  • do not break the loop by trying to navigate to the Android reference docs (switching context, plus navigation inside an IDE is far more pleasant than the same on the web)
  • provides fast feedback and improves developer memoization of API fragmentation
  • do not rely on Lint checks (which can backfire, especially if you already have suppressed some warnings)

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