Dimitry Ivanov

Local Maven repository


With a little help of Gradle one can have a local Maven repository literally with a single line of code in the build configuration file:

repositories {
    maven { url 'file:///Users/me/.maven-local' }

It can be used to release your local artifacts also. For example, if you are using gradle-mvn-push:

if (project.hasProperty('local') {
    ext.RELEASE_REPOSITORY_URL = 'file:///Users/me/.maven-local'
./gradlew upA -Plocal

BTW upA here stands for uploadArchives but Gradle allows us to shorten task name a bit

If this repository is intended to be used by multiple projects it's better to introduce a system variable, so there is little to none of copy/paste. Head to the gradle.properties file in your HOME directory (create one if it's missing) and add a line:


Then we can use this variable in all our Gradle scripts:

repositories {
    maven { url LOCAL_MAVEN_URL }

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